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Tansoc in Wine and other Luxury Industry Management and the application of Traceability and anti-counterfeiting.

Throughtout the world, the rapid development of wine industry leads the pepole pursuing healthier lifestyles. In particular, the production and sale of wine are pursuing more refined and individualized, so as to expand the market segments.

The necessity of RFID traceability and Anti-Counterfeiting system scheme.

In China, as people’s income increases rapidly and the middle class consumer group rised rapidly, the consumption of wine is rapidly rising. But people who are looking for a better quality start to worry about whether the wine that they buy is original as expect? If it used pure raw material as we expected?

For manufacturer who provide quality products are thinking about where are our wines sold? When and who consume our products?
Yes! Instigated by high profit, the market produces and sales fake goods、crosses region sale which is difficult to prohibit. In order to deal with the problem of anti-counterfeiting and crosssing reigon sale of wine, RFID anti-counterfeiting has been created and become a new favorite for those premium wine.

As far as the current industry is concerned, the most serious problem of implementing RFID system is high label cost which has become a bottleneck for many manufacturers to apply RFID on large scale. But as the increasing of various electronic labels, RFID label, especially UHF electronic labels are falling sharply on price. Now the price for UHF tags has become competitive with QR code, the difference between both is below 10cents.

An overview of RFID traceability and Anti-Counterfeiting Systems in Tanson.

Tansoc has launched RFID solution in the wine industry since 2012. Through the unique record management of the anti-counterfeit label, and using laser machine to engrave anti-counterfeiting code which can be triple-code security(chip code、code on the perforation、 laser code, three code in one).
Each bottle of wine creates a unique identification to improve the difficulty of counterfeiting, solve the problem of crossing region sale, improve the logistics informatization management level.

1. RFID product traceability system is according to RFID unique code that record production line、production time、product information、time of circulation、circulation place and the entire production process can be stored in a digital way.

2、RFID production line data acquisition system is using the unique record management of the anti-counterfeit label, and laser machine to engrave anti-counterfeiting code which can be triple-code security(chip code、code on the perforation、 laser code, three code in one).

3.Rfid logistics data acquisition system is using DFE(Dongfang Electronics) RFID anti-counterfeiting identification system that check in&out scanning management, according to RFID unique code that in the system to check the in&out time and address ect.

4.RFID uses a special fragile paper for printing, and its antenna is using a special crushing design. This special design can ensure the label completely destroy when tear up, and can’t reuse and copy anymore which become the world’s unique identification code.

Consumers can use RFID unique identification code not only check the authenticity of products, but also understand the ins and outs of products, and dynamic tracking of products. Through the information processing system it can efficiently implement logistic monitoring and quality&safety traceability.

Tansoc RFID Traceability and Anti-Counterfeiting System Extended Application.
Tansoc, as the Chinese core R&D strength of RFID intelligent cortrol and logistics solution provider, cooperating with Tatwah Smartech、HGTECH and other brotherly companies, committed to the use of IOT、mobile internet、cloud computing technology to provide customers with industry-leading manufacturing solution. To help enterprises improve customer service, reduce operating costs, convert capital equipment cost into operation cost and improve the quality of production.

Now, Tansoc’s solution in wine traceability and anti-counterfeiting has extended to various field like Jewelry, White Wine, Apparel and Luxury, which has brought considerable market benefits.




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